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School Pupil Leader's Message



“We must take personal responsibility, we cannot change the circumstances, the season or the wind, but we can change ourselves. That is something we have charge of…”

As a leader I strictly adhere to these words and I request others to do the same. Being a School Pupil Leader is a task of great honor and responsibility. I am thankful to our Principal, Sr. Rose, the management, the teachers and the students for entrusting me with the task of leadership. I would prove my mettle and enable my school to be proud of my accomplishments.

Standing as a School Pupil Leader, I request all my school mates to walk hand in hand to uplift the ideals of the school. All must take initiative to appraise the name and fame of the school. We all are “Josephite, that means we are binded by a special bond. So let us stand together and show this oneness and prove the world why we feel proud to be a “Josephite”. I donot want followers, but only your assistance in all my endeavours.

- Mohd. Adnan
(School Pupil Leader)