Principal's Message

Dear parents, students and well-wishers,

In today’s fast- changing world we need to attune ourselves to learning new skills and re–inventing ourselves in order to succeed and continue with the success mode. Continuous learning and honing skills is what helps in all-round development of our students. We envisage the profile of our student at St. Joseph’s Senior Secondary School at the time of graduation as, someone who is open to growth – mature as a full pledged individual, capable to handle responsibilities and ability to enter into a gracious relationship with the world, to experience it, as meaningful and worthwhile, to respect, protect and enhance it.

Education is a planned endeavor and aims at making our children capable of becoming active, trustworthy, productive and caring members of the society. However, the school alone cannot influence a child to achieve this ambitious vision. It is a joint venture where the students, teachers, parents and society engage in realistic cooperation, collaboration and contribution in this direction.

We are witnessing a time when the winds of Socio - technological advancements are affecting powerful changes in the moral and social development and for these developments, education appears as the first client. We as part of educational institutions are sensitive to these transformations and also active participant in the process of humanizing our students. We shall leave no stone unturned to utilize and explore resources towards fostering the growth of our student’s and transforming them into complete human beings.

Sr. Kiran George


of St. Joseph's Sr. Sec. School Defence Colony, Kanpur

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