Our Aims And Objectives


In our educational institutions we aim at promoting the growth of integrated personality of the students by imparting to him/her a sound moral, intellectual, aesthetic and physical education in order to prepare him/her to face the challenges of the modern world .

Spiritual: To educate and form persons who can be, temples of God, persons dear to God as His own possession. (H.E. Page 28)

Moral: To promote the education of the heart without which no personality is complete nor is a person mature, the education which presupposes (i) the desire to think about others and make them happy. (ii) the means to dilate, enlarge the heart which is the only power capable of creating things beautiful grand, useful, and happy. (H.E. Page 29).

Physical: To develop and maintain a sound body, establishing habits and attitudes that are good and healthy thus contributing to his/her physical and emotional growth.

Intellectual: To develop with special care the intellectual faculties and to form the ability to judge rightly. (Declaration on X’tian Edn. art. 5) .

Cultural: To assimilate the culture of the country through its conservation, transmission and renewal, and to appreciate all cuItures of other regions and other nations.

Social: To become increasingly aware of those around him/her and their needs, to realise his/her duties to society and to develop a sense of belongingness, to accept all as brothers and sisters, and work towards justice, peace and freedom, to defend the right of feminine freedom.

Emotional: To grow in self-awareness, to regulate his/her emotions and to reach mature growth by self- acceptance with his/her potentials and limitations.

The crowning glory of any educative process is to bring the student to a conscious choice of her/his state in life in harmony with the divine inspiration and with her/his personal aspirations and inclinations. Thus our philosophy of education sets before us the ideal of educating our students to be spiritually oriented, morally upright, socially concerned and intellectually well informed persons.