School Library


The school maintains a Library with a good collection of books for the use of students. Books are issued weekly to classes VI-XII.

Pupils of class I-V will use their class libraries under the guidance of teachers.

Only one book shall be issued at a time and the students can keep it for eight days only. No student is allowed to keep the books during the vacation period. If the student fails to return the book by the due date he/she will be required to pay a fine of Rs. 1/- per day of delay. This applies to the vacation period also. Therefore the students should return the library books before the vacation.

Pupils are hereby reminded to take due care of the Library books. They should cover their book before reading and should not tear off pages. Students are forbidden to exchange books without the prior permission of the librarian and defaulters will be penalized.

Reference books are not issued to the students. The management reserves the right to make additions and deletions in these rules as and when considered necessary.